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Class Schedules
Monday - Thursday
9:00am - 1:00pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
5:30pm - 9:30pm











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Student Manicurist

Student Instructors

Registration                      $175.00 

Books                              $225.00

Starter Kit                       $315.00

Uniform                           $20.00

Tuition                             $3,500.00

Total                               $4,235.00

Registration, Books, Practice Kit, and Uniform Total $735 due up front in cash. No exceptions!

Registration, Books, and Uniform Total $395 due up front in cash. No exceptions!

Student ManicuristTuition Monthly Payments

Student Instructors Tuition Monthly Payments



Monthly Tuition                      $292.00

Total amount due to start         $1,027.00




Monthly Tuition                    $219.00

Total amount due to start       $954.00      





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Tuition monthly payment is due on the first day of class

Manicure Students


Student Instructors

  1. The Career Education Instructor
  2. The Teaching Plan and Learning Environment
  3. Teaching Study and Testing Skills
  4. Basic Learning Styles and Principles
  5. Basic Methods of Teaching and Learning
  6. Communicating Confidently
  7. Effective Presentations
  8. Effective Classroom Management and Supervision
  9. Achieving Learner Results
  10. Program Development and Lesson Planning
  11. Education Aids and Technology in the Classroom 
12. Assessing Progress and Advising Students
13 Making the Students Salon an Adventure
14. Career and Employment Preparation
15. Art of Retaining Students
16. Educator Relationships
17. Learning is a Laughing Matter
18. Teaching Success Strategies for Winning Career
19. Teams at Work
20. Evaluating Professional Performance
  1. History and Career Opportunities
  2. Life Skills
  3. Your Professional Image
  4. Communicating for Success
  5. Infection Control: Principles and Practices
  6. General Anatomy and Physiology
  7. Skin Structure, Growth, and Nutrition
  8. Nail Structure and Growth
  9. Nail Disorders and Diseases
  10. The Basics of Chemistry
  11. Nail Product Chemistry Simplified
12. The Basics of Electricity
13 Manicuring
14. Pedicuring
15. Electric Filing
16. Nail Tips and Wraps
17. Monomer Liquid and Polymer Powder Nail Enhancments
18. UV and LED Gels
19. The Creative Touch
20. Seeking Employment
21. On the Job
22. The Salon Business